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Recordati: from laboratory to multinational

Founded at the beginning of the last century as a pharmacological laboratory, Recordati began its international expansion in 1953. It is now a multinational company that, in addition to producing drugs for the most common diseases, is researching therapies for rare diseases and specialising in ‘beyond the pills’ activities.

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It all began in 1926 in Correggio, when Giovanni Recordati gave an industrial turn to the production of the family pharmacy-laboratory, initially specialised in the production of quinine. The Laboratorio Farmacologico Reggiano was founded on May 1, 1926, with the aim of producing drugs on a large scale. Soon, the company moved to new premises on a 15,000-square-metre site, where the workshops, factory, warehouses, and offices are located.

Exponential growth

Recordati created two of its most successful products between the 1920s and 1930s: Antispasmina Colica® and, in particular, Simpamine, an adrenergic drug sold in pharmacies as a tonic. Within two decades, the company grew exponentially: while it had 152 employees in 1939, it had more than three hundred by 1948.

From Emilia to Milan, from Milan to the rest of the world

Under the management of Arrigo Recordati, Giovanni’s son, the company moved to Milan. It was 1953, and at the same time, Recordati began its international expansion. Several subsidiaries were established in Latin America, but above all, in 1961, an exclusive partnership was signed with Syntex (now Roche) for the study and synthesis of steroid hormones.

In 1963, a new plant was opened in Aprilia, and the company changed its name to Recordati Industria Chimica e Farmaceutica. In 1977, ENI acquired part of the company’s ownership and kept it until 1984, when the family decided to list 25% of the company on the Milan Stock Exchange. In the 1990s, Recordati continued its international expansion. The company now operates as an actual multinational enterprise. In 2018, it was acquired by the CVC Capital Partners fund, which took over the 51.8% held by Fimei, the holding company owned by the Recordati family.

Rare diseases and services ‘beyond the pill’

While initially, the company addressed its activity to the treatment of the most common diseases – from heart disease to gastrointestinal and urological diseases, up to prostate cancer – since 2007, through the dedicated Recordati Rare Diseases business unit, it has focused on the study and treatment of rare diseases, to help those who suffer from little-known disorders. This is a necessary commitment if one considers that of the seven thousand rare diseases known today, less than 10% are available.

In addition, Recordati specialises in ‘Beyond the Pills’ activities, services that go beyond the drug and put the patient at the centre. Currently, these are pilot projects mainly focused on digital solutions focusing on the patient to improve the care course and quality of life.

A continuing success story

Recordati is now present with its products in 150 markets, employs 4,500 people worldwide, has a turnover of over two billion and maintains its headquarters in Milan, where one of its ten factories also operates.

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