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Terme di Saturnia - Made in Italy

Terme di Saturnia: when Made in Italy is… divine

According to legend, the Terme di Saturnia are the fruit of Saturn’s wrath towards humankind. They have been a place of holidaying and well-being since ancient times.

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A Made in Italy reality that traces its origins back to truly ancient times – those of the Etruscans – and boasts an at least illustrious creator, the god Saturn. We are talking about the renowned Terme di Saturnia, located in the municipality of Manciano (GR). Legend has it that a god’s wrath created them. Tired of the quarrelsomeness and hostility of the humans, Saturn decided to hurl a thunderbolt at them, and a spring of sulphurous water at 37.5 degrees gushed forth from the earth. The divine gesture seemed to work, and men, calmer, began to experience a long period of peace and well-being under the god’s auspices.

A story that runs through history

Is that why, even today, when searching for peace and relaxation, we treat ourselves to a day at the spa? It is a fact that the Terme di Saturnia has become a privileged place for holidaying and relief for travellers since ancient times. Popes, soldiers, centurions, or peasants, the baths provided comfort to anyone who encountered them on their journey.

In much more modern times, in 1865, the Baths were acquired by the Ciacci family, who had already started to take care of the maintenance of the area and the baths a century earlier. In 1919, Gaspero Ciacci built the hotel, of which we can still admire the original structure. He maintained ownership of the entire area until 1946, when he sold it to the Passalacqua family, who, in turn, sold it to the Terme di Saturnia company, the current owner.

The water journey

From the slopes of Monte Amiata, the thermal water flows underground for over fifty kilometres to Saturnia, where it emerges in the main pool inside the hotel. Here, it begins its open-air route that feeds the thermal park and the world-famous Cascate del Mulino.

But what characteristics make the sulphurous water of Terme di Saturnia a true panacea? Undoubtedly, sulphurous water positively affects the respiratory system, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe aches and pains or muscle contractures.

If you drink it, its detoxifying action benefits the liver and digestive system. Finally, it smoothes the skin and exerts a sebum-normalising action by relieving itching.

A brand dedicated to wellness

Today, Saturnia is a prestigious natural spa and golf Resort, part of the Leading Hotels of the World club. A luxury resort with a spa where you can enjoy treatments in an atmosphere of utmost comfort and even an 18-hole golf course.

It is an essential facility for tourism in the area and registers thousands of Italian and foreign visitors per year (foreign visitors are around 30%).

President Massimo Caputi (also President of Federterme Confindustria and the Association of Historical Brands of Italy) is now aiming to strengthen the Terme di Saturnia brand further and create hubs dedicated to wellness within a network that brings together the most important thermal parks in Italy and Europe.

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