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Graziella – Made in Italy

Graziella: 100% Italian originality and creativity since the 1960s

Graziella is a bike that has been an icon of timeless style since the 1960s, and its story is also the history of our country,

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The bicycle is a timeless means of transport and has been particularly back in vogue since 2020, thanks partly to the government’s bicycle bonus. The success of this bonus and the number of bicycles sold – especially folding ones – brings to mind the 20 golden years of the legendary Graziella (1960-80), a two-wheeled Made in Italy icon around the world!

A name evoking elegance

Graziella’s successful story began in 1964, during the economic boom, when Rinaldo Donzelli envisioned transforming the bicycle from a humble work and sports tool into a real object of desire. Inspired by the folding bikes of the Bersaglieri Ciclisti del Regio Esercito, Donzelli designed the first designer folding bike for adults and children. The first model, unisex, with small wheels (20″ or 16″), without a top tube, and with a hinge, could be comfortably stored in the boot of a small car; when folded, it occupied a space of 75x60x30 cm for a total weight of 16 kg. Its styling, however, was already meticulous down to the smallest detail. The chrome bell, the classic headlight with dynamo, the padded saddle and the detachable coloured handlebars are the details that made and still make this bicycle a true style icon.

Graziella Stile Libero
Graziella Stile Libero

To evoke elegance, Donzelli chose a woman’s name for this new bicycle: initially, it was Annabella, but then he went for Graziella instead.

A bike loved by celebrities

Manufactured by Teodoro Carnielli in Vittorio Veneto (TV) and advertised as Brigitte Bardot’s Rolls Royce, the Graziella soon became a status symbol worldwide. Even Salvator Dalí owned one. Many successful imitations such as the Cinzia bikes.

Graziella Bardot
Graziella Bardot

Models to suit all tastes

Over the years, several models of this bike were produced: from the Graziella Flor in the 1960s, the Baby and the Leopard, up to the gold model, a unique example made by an enthusiastic German craftsman entirely plated in 24-carat gold with a total weight of 150 grams of gold!

Today, Graziella is a brand owned by BOTTECCHIA CICLI S.R.L., with headquarters in Cavarzere Venice, a turnover of 13 million euros, 100 employees and an annual production of 45,000 Made in Italy bicycles (33% sold abroad).

Congratulations to those who take Italian bikes all over the world!

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