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The Boat Show: a successful event

The Boat Show is an event that began almost by chance and has become more and more successful over the years.

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They call it “the most beautiful boat show in the world,” and it is impossible not to be amazed by the Genoa Boat Show. It is an unmissable event to discover Made in Italy excellence when it comes to boats. The just-ended 2022 edition recorded staggering numbers: 103,000 visitors and 1100 journalists from 35 countries, an unmistakable sign of an exceptional moment for a sector that is growing by 31.1%, with a turnover of 6.1 billion euros and a workforce that is increasing by 9.7%..

An international attraction for over sixty years

Established almost by chance in Milan 62 years ago as the ‘International Boat Show’, it moved to Genoa the following year and is still held there today. Its history is that of an event that has grown over time: in the 1970s, 1200 boats were on display, and 250 journalists participated. The event gained international stature from the beginning and is now the pinnacle of industry events. Almost a thousand brands are on display, among which the Italian ones stand out in terms of design, inventiveness, and class.

After all, Italy, which has always been a ‘people of navigators’, boasts nautical skills dating back to ancient times and is capable of building every type of boat, from the largest cruise ships to the fastest Riva speedboats, from luxury yachts to the hyper-technological Luna Rossa!

Sailing craft, the flagship of Made in Italy

It is an important heritage which must continue to be valorised. Whoever takes the helm of Italy must be clear about the value of Made in Italy, particularly in a sector like this, which has always distinguished us in the world. Since its inception, in fact, the Boat Show has been visited by ministers and politicians, as well as by the Presidents of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano and Francesco Cossiga.

Speaking of Italian excellence, it is worth mentioning that the training ship Amerigo Vespucci is currently the oldest ship in service and that the US nuclear aircraft carrier H.W. Bush greeted her in the Adriatic, saying, “You are the most beautiful ship in the world!”

The Ocean Race

As for the future, it looks bright. In June 2023, Genoa will host The Ocean Race, the most famous round-the-world stage race by sailing boat. In this edition, for the first time in 50 years, the race will cross the Mediterranean and have its grand finale on the eastern seafront.

Therefore, the Made in Italy boating industry is a sure thing. With a significant turnover and a remarkable capacity to create employment, it is a flywheel for the entire economy, a virtuous example that everyone envies. It is from here that we must start again, or rather set sail!

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