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Next Exhibition - Made in Italy

Next Exhibition: art as you’ve never seen it

Digital technology at the service of art for an innovative and immersive experience involving all the senses. A new way of approaching art and culture.

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If we say ‘Van Gogh’, one of the first images that comes to mind is undoubtedly his beautiful sunflowers, so beautiful that you want to touch them…

Today, this is almost possible, thanks to the immersive exhibitions created by Next Exhibition, a Made in Italy startup and leader in creating experiential exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Made in Italy innovation to work for art

The Van Gogh exhibition will be open in Rome from October 28 at the Next Museum, a stone’s throw from Villa Borghese. And while visitors will experience art in an extraordinary and innovative way, it is nice to know that the creativity and work of a 100% Made in Italy start-up is behind it all!

Next Exhibition is the brainchild of Genoese manager and entrepreneur Roberto Indiano, born in 1974, who, after a decade-long career in the United States, founded Dimensione Eventi in Turin and, in 2021, the spin-off Next Exhibition, with the idea of attracting a new audience to exhibitions, under 35, a target that is often not particularly attracted to traditional art galleries and exhibitions. The idea turned out to be an immediate success. Thanks to the intuition of using digital technology as the primary tool, the visitor experience becomes much richer than in a classic art gallery.

Virtual reality, real beauty

Thanks to digital technology, Next Exhibition exhibitions can be visited simultaneously in several cities and are generally divided into two parts. The first is an actual museum, where the works are projected onto a white background so that the visitor is completely immersed in the atmosphere of the artist, his environment and his era. The second, more interactive part is based on virtual reality. Here, visitors, thanks to a virtual reality visor, can discover the artist’s world, choosing the paths they find most interesting simply through tiny movements of the head, and can interact with the environment involving all the senses: smelling aromas and perfumes, touching things and feeling hot or cold air on the skin.

Thanks to innovative technologies such as video mapping, 3D images, holograms, ultra-high definition projections and virtual reality visors, visitors will be able to enjoy and appreciate the works of great artists in a totally new way. The exhibitions organised by Next Exhibition include ‘Animals’ with works by Steve Mc Murry and others dedicated to Botero, Klimt and Monet are planned.

Engaging and exciting with technology

“Next Museum wants to become the starting point, the compulsory step to approach art and culture, a bridge between ignorance and knowledge, just like the cinema did in its time,” Indiano said in an interview with Artness. “It’s like watching a movie about Frida Kahlo: you fall in love with the character and then visit Casa Azul. That’s it… the Next Museum is like the movie, aimed at engaging as many people as possible by making them fall in love.

Today, Next Exhibition srl is an international leader in organising immersive exhibitions.

The company, with offices in Turin, the UK, Spain and the USA, employs dozens of people and has a turnover of millions of Euros. Led by President Roberto Indiano and CEO Alberto Bressan, it aims to expand further.

Congratulations to those who, through talent and Made in Italy technologies, spread the beauty of art around the world!

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