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oSuonoMio: the power of sound in communication

oSuonoMio is a pioneer in Italy in creating sounds and podcasts to make brands more recognisable.

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The Sound Logo is often the most powerful asset for a brand: although it lasts only a few seconds, it is much more effective than a jingle and immediately recognisable. The “Tu Dum” sound preceding Netfix’s original series, for example, is a perfect illustration of this: it is a sound created with the utmost care by Oscar winner Lon Bender and played to a focus group of thousands of volunteers for months before becoming one of the world’s best-known sound logos.

A multifaceted talent

A pioneer in Italy for Sound Marketing and Sound Branding, Emanuele Lapiana, born in 1970, is an entrepreneur and composer from Trentino and oSuonoMio‘s founder and CEO.

A professional musician, after graduating in Political Economy in Trento, he worked to bring Italian food to supermarket chains around the world but never gave up music. Among his achievements in this area, he likes to mention playing with Skunk Anansie.

Ingenious composer and one-man-show Emanuele Lapiana founded oSuonoMio in 2015 in Trento, one of the first Made in Italy companies dedicated to creating sounds and podcasts to make brands recognisable, an activity in its infancy in Italy but widely used abroad for years.

The potential of sound

Sound has enormous potential because, until now, it has been taken for granted. With the advent of smartphones, smart speakers and headphones, the sound experience becomes more and more intimate and impactful,Lapiana said.

Today, oSuonoMio Srl, based in Trento, works with musicians and composers to create Sound Logos, sound communication projects and brand identities for important Italian companies and aims to grow internationally.

Congratulations to those who bring the sound of Italy to the world!

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