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IRBM - Made in Italy

IRBM: Made in Italy research goes beyond borders

Always driven by a passion for research, the company has contributed to the discovery of four drugs currently on the market and has over 100 patents to its credit.

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Adam Smith, the great Scottish philosopher and economist, theorised that nations’ true wealth lies in their ability to produce ‘new knowledge’. He would be thrilled, then, to visit IRBM Park Science S.p.a. in Pomezia!

At the forefront against COVID-19

IRBM, a 100% Made in Italy company founded in 2009, is a biomedical research institute and represents excellence at a global level. Founded as a spin-off of P. Angeletti’s Molecular Biology Research Institute, it is now chaired by Ilaria Di Lorenzo, a lawyer with extensive experience in the biomedical sector and president of Federchimica’s Legal Affairs Committee.

IRBM hit the headlines at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic for assisting the Jenner Institute in the development, in a race against time, of the first COVID-19 vaccine, later produced by AstraZeneca. In fact, the Italian company specialises in treating weakened adenoviruses, which are used as vectors to introduce viral proteins into the body that can stimulate an immune reaction.

Research and innovation in drugs by IRBM

The jewel in the crown of the pharmaceutical industry in Lazio and beyond, IRBM Science Park S.p.a is at the forefront in various fields of biomedical science and organic chemistry and is among the most advanced and reliable international centres in the research and development of oncological drugs. An outstanding company that can look the industry’s global giants in the eye.

IRBM was also among the first centres to develop innovative drugs against the AIDS and Ebola viruses. In particular, the Ebola vaccine, which is the result of the work of an international team of Italian and American researchers, has been shown to protect against the Zaire strain of the virus for at least ten months, whereas vaccines could only protect for just over a month up to then.

The fifty-first US state

IRBM – the only non-US member of the Chemical Biology Consortium and shown on the CBC map as if it were another US state – has just been awarded further funds from the Consortium to continue developing oncology research.

Strong relationships to go further

IRBM recently signed an agreement with La Sapienza University to strengthen collaboration in innovative drug research and development. The agreement also provides for a series of initiatives aimed at disseminating scientific culture through the organisation of training courses, seminars and conferences.

A partner of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, IRBM employs 250 people and boasts a scientific director of the calibre of biomedical engineer Carlo Toniatti, one of the first researchers to discover anti-cancer molecules. The Institute makes and invests millions of euros in innovation, representing our country in the research world.

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