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Oberalp - Made in Italy

Oberalp, the mountain giant

A passion for the mountains handed down from generation to generation led the Oberrauch family to create the Oberalp Group, specialising in technical sports and mountaineering clothing and accessories and marketing quality technical brands in Italy.

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The iconic building that houses the Oberalp Group’s headquarters does not go unnoticed, yet it has been designed to blend in perfectly with its surroundings, through the play of mirrors on the façades that reflect the surrounding mountains and through its shape, which recalls the shapes of the Dolomite peaks.

Made in Italy looking across borders

The Oberalp Group is a Made in Italy ‘House of Brands’ but an international leader. It specialises in technical sports and mountaineering clothing and accessories. The Oberalp Group was founded in 1981 in Bolzano by entrepreneur Heiner Oberrauch with the aim of marketing quality technical brands in Italy. The group is owned by the Oberrauch family, which has been in business for six generations. Today, it manufactures six market-leading brands – Salewa, Dynafit, Pomoca, Wild Country, Evolv and LaMunt – and is an international reference for the exclusive distribution of partner brands such as Fischer, Smith, Barts, Under Armour, Falke, Burlington and 2117 of Sweden.

House of the Mountain

Today, Oberalp is led by CEO Christoph Engl. 48% of the production, made in factories in 20 countries worldwide, is done in Europe. The company has a network of 12 branches worldwide, over 350 dealers, more than 400 stores, and a turnover of more than EUR 360 million. International vocation is part of Oberalp’s DNA. Its 1,600 employees come from 41 different countries, and the group aims to establish itself increasingly as a ‘House of the Mountain’ for sportsmen and women seeking high-quality technical products.

A showroom in Milan

Heiner and Ruth Oberrauch have just opened a 900-metre showroom in Milan on Viale Sarca, inside ‘Open 336’, a structure recovered from the former Breda building. In addition to the store, the building houses the company’s Milan offices. The space echoes the style of the Salewa headquarters in Bolzano, which was designed with sustainability in mind and is already ‘Carbon-Zero’. The presence in Milan is indispensable for a brand that focuses on the technical qualities of garments and fabrics while always keeping an eye on style and fashion. But above all, Oberalp works to promote the mountains as a lifestyle, also among a young, dynamic audience.

Congratulations to those who bring Made in Italy talent and quality to the mountains of the world!

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