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Original Marines - Made in Italy

Original Marines: Made in Italy inspired by the USA

It all started over 40 years ago from a simple white T-shirt. Since then, the brand has been a benchmark in children’s and youth clothing.

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The name makes you think of America; instead, it is a 100% Made in Italy brand and has been a reference point in children’s and youth clothing for forty years.

It all began in 1983, when five Neapolitan entrepreneurs founded Original Marines, with the aim of launching on the Italian market that all-American idea of easy dressing and comfortable apparel tied to leisure time, which, at the time, was not yet widespread in Italy, tied to bourgeois traditions that were also reflected in clothing.

Once upon a time, there was a white t-shirt

It all started with a simple white T-shirt inspired by those of the US Marines; a simple T-shirt that sold 25 million items in 10 years despite being a very basic garment!

From this early success came the brand’s three main lines – Babies, Kids and Junior – each with four collections a year. The collections trace the children’s calendar, marked by their needs: from Christmas holidays to summer, from Halloween to back to school. In particular, Original Marines was the first to launch the ‘back to school’ concept on the Italian market, taking it once again from the United States.

Comics, cartoons and superheroes

Another factor that has established the success of Original Marines has been the licensing partnerships with entertainment giants such as Warner Bros for Looney Tunes in 1993 or, more recently, with Disney in 2010, which have allowed cartoon and comic book characters, superheroes and music or NBA stars to embellish Original Marines sweatshirts and T-shirts.

An Italian success beyond Italy

Over the years, the number of outlets grew. The first flagship store was opened in 1993, and today, there are 505 franchised stores in the country, 65 of which are directly operated, and 150 shops in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Today, Original Marines, headquartered in Nola (NA) and led by Antonio Di Vincenzo, born in 62, has more than 1,000 employees, 160 of whom are at headquarters. It is undoubtedly among the big names in the children’s/young people’s clothing industry.

Wear the future

Given the company’s target audience, a serious commitment to sustainability was a must. This commitment is reflected in the WEAR THE FUTURE manifesto, in which the company commits to a series of actions to protect the environment, select suppliers and materials, and participate in initiatives to protect children in need.

Congratulations to those who bring Made in Italy clothing to the world!

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