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Chicco – Made in Italy

Chicco, the products that accompanied our childhood

Chicco is a brand that stems from the creativity of Pietro Catelli. Their products have accompanied children’s childhoods for generations.

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Chicco and Artsana are Made in Italy brands that have accompanied the childhood of many of us. Who does not remember the famous slogans ‘Injection without fear’, ‘Already done?’ or ‘Where there’s a baby’?

These brands were born from the creativity and dedication of a remarkable man, Pietro Catelli. Born in Como in 1920, after graduating as a technical engineer, Catelli started working as a sales representative of needles and thermometers for a Swiss company.

The injection becomes painless

Always looking for solutions to improve everyday life, in 1946, he founded the Artsana Group (Articoli Sanitari e Affini) in Grandate (CO) to sell syringes and sanitary products, often salvaging them from stocks that the Americans had to dispose of. The patent for the painless injection came from the Germans, and so in 1963, ‘Pic Indolor’, the first painless injection needle, was born.

Marketed with a syringe in single-use packaging, ‘PIC Indolor‘ became one of the most popular products in the 1970s, also thanks to the famous claim “Already done?!”

Products for the child’s development and psychophysical well-being

A sensitive and visionary entrepreneur, in 1958, at the birth of his first-born son Enrico (immediately nicknamed Chicco), he decided to create products that would promote the all-round development and psychophysical well-being of children, from hygiene to play. The new children’s line is dedicated to his son, and of his son, it adopts the name. Thus, Chicco, whose meaning also refers to the seed, the beginning of life, was created.

The first catalogue contains only 27 products, developed through a continuous exchange of views with other parents. Toys such as the ‘bee house’ or baby bottles equipped with the innovative anti-hiccup system have been part of daily life for many families. Over the years, the company continued to grow. Also, it established itself abroad by developing and acquiring brands such as Prénatal and becoming a beacon for the entire baby sector with more than 900 products.

A museum to rediscover the child in us

In 1975, Catelli was made a Cavaliere del Lavoro. A collector of rocking horses, a game that he considered timeless because it evokes a sense of freedom and a desire for discovery, in 2000, for his 80th birthday, he ‘gifted’ to all children and adults around the world the Toy Horse Museum based in Grandate, next to Artsana. The museum has been a member of Museimpresa since 2001.

Today, the Artsana Group, CEO Andrea Zocca, headquartered in Grandate (CO), is a colossus with 9000 employees, a presence in 120 countries and a leader in the children’s sector, with one and a half billion in turnover.

Congratulations to those who believe in children’s well-being and bring Made in Italy to the world!

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