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Paul & Shark - Made in Italy

Paul & Shark: from Italy to Maine and back

An English name behind which lies a very Italian brand. From Varese, Italy, Paul & Shark produces and exports worldwide iconic garments that combine quality, research and timeless style.

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If you think Paul & Shark, the iconic brand of technical and elegant nautical fashion, is American or British, know this is not the case. The classic blue crew neck sold in the exclusive tin tube is actually the fruit of the 100% Made in Italy creativity of Paolo Dini, son of the Tuscan chemist Gian Ludovico. In 1957, to save the historic Maglificio di Daco di Masnago (VA), famous for the quality of its garments, from closing down, Gian Ludovico Dini relaunched the company and ten years later renamed it DAMA S.p.A.

He soon involved in the company his eldest son Paolo, born in 1934, who devoted himself to business relations, showing strong creative skills right from the start.

An iconic garment

World-renowned designers and stylists such as Balenciaga and Christian Dior Couture began collaborating with the knitwear company but the turning point came in 1971 when Paolo, a passionate sailor, noticed the words Paul & Shark in an old sailmaker’s shop in Maine and was fascinated by the sense of challenge and elegance that those words evoked in him. Back in Italy, he decided to create the Paul& Shark line to produce yachting-inspired garments. For the logo, he chose the image of a white shark that would become unmistakable. The iconic blue water-repellent wool crew neck with inserts on the shoulders and elbows dates from 1975 and is still a best-seller.

The numbers of success

Today, Paul&Shark (DAMA Group) is a leader in luxury sportswear for men and women and is headed by the third generation of the Dini family with CEO Andrea Dini.

The company is based in Varese and produces entirely in Italy. With a turnover of EUR 150 million and hundreds of employees, the brand owns 15 flagship stores and a franchise chain of over 150 outlets. The company recently launched the Club Riviera line, an exclusive collection of summery garments made from fine natural fabrics: silk, heavy linen, and cotton. The line is a tribute to Italianness and the vaguely melancholic atmosphere of the autumn sea.

Business routes, from London to Cortina

Paul & Shark also recently opened a flagship shop on Regent Street in London, a city that Andrea Dini considers an excellent marketing tool, and branded the Chalet degli Scoiattoli in Cortina for the entire winter season, also sponsoring the athletes of the Cortina Ski Club.

Congratulations to those who focus on quality and storytelling and bring Italy to the world!

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