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Acqua Orsini - Made in Italy

Acqua Orsini, when Made in Italy is noble

Acqua Orsini, which flows in the Alta Murgia National Park, an ancient fiefdom of the Orsini family, where the landscape, shaped by nature and man, is constantly evolving, passes on values of purity of the land and quality.

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Noble by nature, sustainable by choice‘: with this claim, ‘Acqua Orsini’ positions itself on the market of low-mineral waters, a steadily growing one where Italy is among the most successful countries.

Acqua Orsini is Made in Italy, but above all Made in Puglia, since it springs in the Alta Murgia National Park, specifically in the municipality of Poggiorsini in the province of Bari. The park, historically a fiefdom of the noble Orsini papal family, covers an area of more than 68,000 hectares, includes 13 municipalities and holds great riches in terms of biodiversity and historical and artistic treasures.

Keyword: sustainability

It is precisely the valuable characteristics of this particular territory that have inspired the company Sorgenti Italiane Regionali – set up for the purpose by local entrepreneurs and managers with long experience in the sector – to realise the Sustainability project, a project that involves and concerns all the stages of production, from the controlled use of groundwater to the commitment to safeguarding the equilibrium of the territory, from the use of Vegbottles – made of up to 30% material from sugar cane – to the use of renewable energy for production processes.

The company also worked on packaging, choosing to reduce its weight as much as possible to limit the amount of plastic used.

Zero-mile water

But that’s not all; from a commercial point of view, the company aims, above all, to cover the needs of the region by betting on a short, zero-mile production chain. Reducing the distances of road transport lowers environmental pollution in no small way: it is estimated that transporting 100 litres of water per 100 km by road produces 10 kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

Environmentally friendly success

The CEO of Sorgenti italiane regionali is Mario Bisceglia; the company was established in 2015 and had a turnover of 6.5 million euros in 2022.

We wish continued growth to an entrepreneurial idea that enhances the territory while maintaining full respect for it!

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