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Amaro Camatti - Made in Italy

Amaro Camatti: when Made in Italy takes off

Flowers, herbs, aromatic roots and a secret recipe are the ingredients of the 100-year-old Amaro Camatti, recently crowned best bitters in the world by the World Liqueur Awards.

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If you are used to sipping good bitters after dinner, you must try Amaro Camatti, which was recently named World’s Best Bitters 2023 (Best Italian Herbal and World Best Bitters) by the prestigious jury of the World Liqueur Awards!

A 100% Made in Italy success story of flowers, herbs and aromatic roots. It is a story that began a hundred years ago – in 1924, to be precise – in the heart of Genoa when chemist, pharmacist and herbalist Umberto Briganti from Livorno started producing the bitters with his brother Cesare.

A recipe still secret today

The amaro was given the name of Umberto’s wife, Teresa Camatti. The company soon moved to Recco, and the recipe – secret, of course – remained unchanged for some time to come, as it did the preparation method. This involves an initial infusion process, followed by maceration of the herbs and a decanting phase in barrels or stainless steel kegs. Finally, a syrup of water and sugar is added to the infusion to obtain the unique flavour of this amaro. The liqueur was immediately very popular due to its strong digestive properties and its use against seasickness. While its distinctive trait is its connection to the Ligurian region, its success soon spread beyond its borders. In 1935, Amaro Camatti was awarded the title of Supplier to the Royal House.

The hard years of war and recovery

World War II was inevitably a very tough time for the company, whose premises were converted into barracks and occupied by the Monte Rosa Alpine troops and the Wehrmacht. With the war’s end, however, production resumed. In the 1950s and 1960s, Amaro Camatti became the favourite cocktail ingredient and digestive on board luxury liners, leaving Genoa for New York and South America.

New management, new successes

In 1964, the company was taken over first by Umberto’s son, Cesare, and then by his grandson Umberto, who held the reins until 1989, when Ligurian entrepreneur Enzo Bergamino, who had founded the Sangallo Distilleria Cinque Terre, bought the amaro’s recipe and brand name and moved its production to San Salvatore di Cogorno (GE), a few kilometres from Portofino.

The amaro that unites

Today, Amaro Camatti, whose slogan is ‘the Amaro that Unites’, is still produced by Sangallo and distributed in Europe, the United States and Australia. Amaro Camatti is one of the longest-lived Made in Italy bitters. Sangallo Distilleria Cinque Terre is led by CEO Stefano Bergamino and produces hundreds of thousands of bottles of grappas, liqueurs, bitters and distillates, all made from Ligurian herbs.

Congratulations to those who bring the tradition and flavours of Italy to the world!

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