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Antica Pizzeria da Michele: The taste of tradition, the taste of solidarity

The Antica Pizzeria da Michele, which has kept the flag of Neapolitan pizza flying for over 150 years, welcomes the employees of Domino’s Pizza.

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Alessandro Condurro is the CEO of Antica Pizzeria da Michele in the World, a brand known worldwide as a synonym for quality Neapolitan pizza, with 26 locations in Italy and abroad.

Condurro, a descendant of master pizza makers from Forcella and grandson of Antonio Condurro, master pizza maker, the last of Michele’s 13 children, is also secretary of the Unione Pizzerie Storiche ‘Le Centenarie’. Recently, Alessandro made headlines for a significant gesture. In less than the time it takes to cook a pizza, he decided to offer a job to the many who lost it in recent weeks following the closure of Domino’s Pizza after seven years in business.

A job with Michele

Domino’s, an American multinational takeaway pizza company with 18,000 pizzerias worldwide in 90 countries (famous for its pineapple pizza!), recently closed its 28 pizzerias in Italy, and dozens of families found themselves in serious difficulty. Condurro, accepting the invitation of the Univerde Foundation not to waste professionalism, immediately came forward and published the ad on his website with the address to which resumes should be sent. Selected candidates, after a training period, will be able to find work in one of 26 successful locations worldwide: from Dubai to Los Angeles, from Japan to London.

The Michele in the World brand was created in 2012 to export to the world the historical tradition of the Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Naples, its flavours and its culture of good and healthy eating.

A 150-year tradition

However, the Condurro family has held the flag of a long tradition of master pizza makers flying for 150 years and – curiously enough – has been turning out only two types of pizza: Margherita and Marinara, thus keeping taste and authenticity intact. From flour to fiordilatte to oil, the ingredients used are exclusively natural and the product of the work of entrepreneurs who guarantee traditional techniques and excellent flavours.

We wish all former Domino employees a speedy re-employment and, of course, congratulations to those who put their hearts into it and bring the authentic traditions of Italy to the world!

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