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Caffè Borbone, the regal taste of Made in Italy coffee

A coffee that, in just a few years, thanks to extensive marketing, a meticulous search for quality, and targeted advertising investments, has conquered the national market.

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Coffee has a centuries-old history, and it is from the idea of creating a ‘coffee worthy of a king’ that the Neapolitan entrepreneur Massimo Renda, recently made a Cavaliere del Lavoro by President Sergio Mattarella, has succeeded in bringing Caffè Borbone, in little more than two decades, to the podium of the Made in Italy coffee players.

When coffee makes history

The story of Caffè Borbone began when Massimo Renda, born in 1971, while still very young, discovered the secrets of coffee roasting while working for his uncle’s roasting company. But the story of ‘coffee fit for a king’ starts much earlier! In fact, we have to go back to May 10, 1734, when, before arriving in Naples, Charles III of Bourbon, a guest at the monastery of the Order of Minims, was enraptured by the aroma and flavour of an unknown drink prepared by the monks themselves. The drink was none other than coffee, roasted and ground by the monks with the utmost care.

Massimo Renda

The best Neapolitan tradition in a pod

It is the same level of care and attention that Massimo Renda reserves for his blends and machines today since, in 1997, realising the potential of the coffee pod and capsule business he founded in Caivano (NA) Aromatika Srl and in 2000, launched Caffè Borbone, whose brand name (authorised by a special concession from Prince Charles of Bourbon) evokes the history of Naples and the figure of King Charles III of Bourbon.

Passionate and meticulous, Renda has developed his modifications to traditional coffee machines, managing to win for his resourcefulness, even the compliments of Giovanni Zaccanti, owner of Saeco.

See Naples… and conquer the world!

Thanks to a meticulous search for quality, capillary marketing actions, and advertising investments in successful commercials and TV dramas, Caffè Borbone, in just a few years, went from being a local brand to conquering the national market also online with some blends that quickly became bestsellers on Amazon.

Led by CEO Massimo Renda, Caffè Borbone (Aromatika Spa 60% controlled by Italmobiliare) is a company attentive to sustainability and a pioneer in offering compostable pods. It is a leader in the pods sector and one of the most prominent players in coffee capsules. It has hundreds of employees and a turnover of 94 million in continuous growth.

Congratulations to those who bring the taste and aroma of Made in Italy coffee in pods to the world!

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