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Cantine Ferrari – Made in Italy

Ferrari: when wine comes from love for the land

The story of Cantine Ferrari began in 1902 when winegrower Giulio Ferrari started producing the first classic method sparkling wines in the Trentino region. It is studded with awards and recognitions, starting with the gold medal received in 1906 at the Milan International Exhibition, testifying to the constant quality of production.

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There are no less than 24 million – a number more or less equal to half the Italians! – the bottles ageing inside the Ferrari cellars, each for a period of time that varies according to the product. This is a truly impressive quantity for a story that began way back in 1902, when the winemaker Giulio Ferrari, after a period spent abroad, realised that the Trentino region presented, thanks to its mountains, a perfect terroir for producing excellent sparkling wines.

Ferrari thus began planting the first Chardonnay vines in Valsugana and the hills of Trento and producing the first sparkling wines using the classic method, starting with just a few thousand bottles reserved for a limited number of exclusive customers.

Giulio Ferrari, however, had no children or heirs. So Bruno Lunelli, owner of the wine shop that sold his wines, decided to take over the company. He then signed thirty million lira worth of bills of exchange, accepted Giulio Ferrari’s life-long consultancy, and hired two trusted collaborators, the accountant and the cellarman.

The Lunelli family’s second generation

Since then, the company has remained in the hands of the Lunelli family, and with the second generation – with Bruno’s sons Franco, Gino and Mauro at work – Ferrari has become a leader in Italy. In these years, the range of labels also expanded with the production of Ferrari Rosé and Ferrari Perlé.

In 1972, Mauro Lunelli set aside 5000 bottles of bubbly (100% Chardonnay from Maso Pianizza, a unique vineyard at 500 m altitude surrounded by centuries-old forests). Thus was born Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore, a TrentoDoc that ages on the lees for over ten years, maintaining balance, freshness, and elegance while acquiring remarkable complexity.

The value of land

The estate’s vineyards are all certified organic, and thanks to the recovery of certain traditional agronomic practices, such as green manure, the aim is to enhance and optimize the soil’s natural fertility. Therefore, herbicides, acaricides, and synthetic pesticides are banned, ensuring maximum attention not only to the quality of the grapes but also to the health of the growers and the protection of the environment in general. This has led to Ferrari being awarded the ‘Biodiversity Friend‘ certification by the Worldwide Biodiversity Association.

Over 120 years of history

Today, the company – which recently celebrated its 120th anniversary – not only maintains but strengthens its privileged relationship with the Trento region and is managed by the third generation of the Lunelli family. Under the leadership of Marcello, Matteo, Camilla, and Alessandro, the goal is to continue to grow and innovate, becoming ambassadors of the Italian wine tradition and art of living worldwide.

Congratulations to those who bring Italian bubbly to the world!

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