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Ferrero: much more than a ‘Love-brand

Ferrero a highly successful Italian company of great success that has been able to interpret the spirit of the times with its products.

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According to the annual ranking by Bloomberg, the prestigious international press agency specialising in economics and finance, the Ferreros are among the thirty-five wealthiest families on the planet. But this fact, however significant, is certainly not enough to do justice to the talent of three generations of a family that has made the history of Made in Italy entrepreneurship.

Ferrero factory

A story that starts from afar

A story that began back in 1946 with Pietro Ferrero who, starting from a shop in the small town of Alba, created a thriving global confectionery company. A success that is not only measured in terms of turnover but speaks above all of creativity, courage and attention to the public, or rather, to ‘Valeria’, as Pietro’s son Michele Ferrero used to say, referring ante litteram to what today in marketing we would call ‘person’. A company that, while preserving its roots, has shown its international vocation from the very beginning, bringing Made in Italy sweetness to the world.

Ferrero Foundation
Ferrero Foundation

A socially conscious ‘love brand’

Around a ‘love brand’ such as Nutella, the Ferrero group has created a welfare system on the model conceived and desired by Adriano Olivetti. For years, the company has been pursuing fundamental values such as loyalty, trust, respect, and solidarity worldwide, bringing to life social projects. Production occurs in over thirty factories, three of which–in Cameroon, South Africa, and India–are social enterprises.

Investing in developing areas

Since 2006, Ferrero has opened factories in developing areas, investing to create know-how. The connection between Africa and the Ferrero family is a special one, as in 2011, Pietro, Giovanni’s brother, died suddenly there.

Giovanni Ferrero

This land is also the protagonist of several novels by Giovanni Ferrero, now head of the Group: ‘Il cacciatore di luce’ (Rizzoli 2016), ‘Il canto delle farfalle’ (Rizzoli 2010) and ‘Il giardino di Adamo’ (Mondadori, 2003). Giovanni, in fact, along with his entrepreneurial activity, carries on his passion for writing with the understatement that has always distinguished him.

An Italian family, a global company, because creativity and talent may have roots but they never have borders.

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