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Plasmon – Made in Italy

Happy Birthday Plasmon! Biscuits for young and old, alike

Plasmon biscuits: for more than 100 years a reference product for baby food and beyond.

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Perhaps not everyone knows that the famous Irish writer George Bernard Shaw, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925, used to dine on Plasmon biscuits on the night of shows. The same biscuits were also British explorer Ernest Shackleton’s Christmas lunch on the 1902 Antarctic expedition!

The Plasmon biscuit is a Made in Italy product celebrating its 120th birthday in 2022. Generations of children (and not only!) in Italy and worldwide have grown up with these biscuits. Their main ingredient, a specific powdered milk of British origin, had the writer Mark Twain among its main promoters and investors.

The Italian Plasmon Syndicate

The history of the Plasmon biscuit began in our country in 1902 when Cesare Scotti, born in 1865, a Milanese nutritionist, food entrepreneur and doctor, founded the Italian Plasmon Syndicate in Milan to import a high-protein Anglo-German milk and albumin-based product (according to the original recipe, 1.3 kg of Plasmon required as much as 53 kg of milk), helpful in countering child malnutrition. In 1904, Scotti acquired the patent and trademark, and in 1916, the Syndicate became the Plasmon Company, 100% Italian. During the First World War, every home with a child had a can of Plasmon.

Baby food

It was only in 1932, however, that the company’s first factory was built in Milan, and in the 1960s, baby food with homogenised meat was born. The historic Plasmon plant in Latina was opened in 1969. Here, still today, more than 1.8 billion biscuits are produced every year and sold all over the world. Today, the company is part of The Kraft Heinz Company, has kept its historical headquarters, employs hundreds of people, and makes millions of Euros.

Congratulations to those who bring up children who have made and will make Italy great in the world!

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