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Kebhouze - Made in Italy

Kebab is Made in Italy with Kebhouze

Attention to quality and sustainability, all served in colourful and pop surroundings: this is the recipe for enjoying Kebhouze’s Made in Italy kebab.

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Maybe it’s because kebabs, as street food, are by nature a social food, or maybe it’s because they are increasingly popular with many people… it’s no surprise that in 2021, Gianluca Vacchi, entrepreneur and influencer, invested in KebHouze, the first Made in Italy chain dedicated to kebabs, with the ambitious goal of giving dignity to the most popular street food in the world after pizza!

From via Paolo Sarpi to Oxford Street

The entrepreneur decided to bet on the idea of five young Italians, and in July 2021, under the leadership of General Manager Oliver Zon, former head of Zon Production, he officially opened KebHouze, the first chain dedicated to kebabs Made in Italy.

On 5 December of the same year, the first shop was opened in Milan, in Via Paolo Sarpi. Today, there are four restaurants in Milan alone. Others are in Rome, Turin, Genoa, Venice, Bergamo and Taranto. But KebHouze goes beyond Italy: it could not miss Ibiza and London, where the brand has just celebrated the opening of its 25th three-storey restaurant on Oxford Street.

Italian ingredients, also veggie

KebHouze has staked everything on the quality of the meat, which is strictly Italian, on low prices, colourful and fashionable locations, and totally sustainable packaging. The menu also includes vegetarian alternatives, showing attention to a consumer group that is growing in our country, too.

It is a challenging and far from easy entrepreneurial venture, especially at a time such as the pandemic that has seen many consumption habits change in a short time.

Growing, even with franchising

Going forward, the company, which is organized to manage up to fifty restaurants, also intends to expand through franchising. To this end, dedicated staff can support those who wish to share its philosophy and business.

Congratulations to those who bring Made in Italy ingredients and entrepreneurship to the world!

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