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Liquore Strega: When Made in Italy, it is magic!

Strega, a liqueur created in 1859, a long-standing Made in Italy success story and one of Italy’s most coveted literary prizes.

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Ointment, ointment
Take me to the Benevento Walnut
Over water and over wind
And over all bad weather

According to tradition, this is the magic formula that the witch used to say before flying to the Sabbath, the wild dance of the witches under an enormous walnut tree near Benevento. And it is precisely from this legend that the legendary Liquore Strega, one of the oldest and most famous Made in Italy spirits, draws its inspiration.

Original Liquore Strega label
Original Liquore Strega label

A centuries-long history

Its history began in 1859 with Giuseppe Alberti, an apothecary and chocolatier, who opened a café in Benevento. In 1860, Alberti perfected a Benedictine monks’ recipe by adding saffron. The result was a yellow liqueur. He named it ‘Strega’ and put the image of a walnut tree on the label. A magical elixir, therefore, that is capable of making the couple who drank it stay together forever thanks to its powers. Giuseppe Alberti immediately realised the potential of this product and, not surprisingly, established its production in an area very close to the railway station, which would make transport logistics easier.

From spirits to literature

Over time, the company’s success grew and strengthened; after the war, production diversified with the establishment of Industria Dolciaria Alberti to make chocolate and nougat. What’s more, in 1947, Guido Alberti, the writer Maria Bellonci and her husband Goffredo established Premio Strega, one of Italy’s most important literary prizes. The prize, whose first edition was won by Ennio Flajano, is still a highly coveted award today.

From Benevento to the world

Today, Strega Alberti Spa is led by the sixth generation of the Alberti family. It employs 200 people and has maintained its headquarters in the old factory near the Benevento railway station. It has a turnover of millions of euros and exports its products to 40 countries. Over time, Liquore Strega has become an iconic and highly recognisable product, and it is mentioned in films and songs not only from Italy.

Congratulations to this excellent Made in Italy product!

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