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Balocco - Made in Italy

The Giro d’Italia arrives in Turin… sweetly, with Balocco

You say Turin, and immediately, Fiat comes to mind. Instead, we talk about Balocco, a story of sweetness that has been going on for three generations.

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You say Turin, and immediately, Fiat comes to mind, but for today’s stage of the Giro d’Italia – Santena-Turin – we have chosen something much sweeter! The stage’s arrival is, in fact, located just over 70 km from a historic Made in Italy biscuit factory. We are talking about Balocco, whose slogan ‘Be good’ is very popular, especially at Christmas.

The pastry shops in Fossano

Balocco’s story begins with Francesco Antonio Balocco, born in 1903 and the son of a brilliant grocer, who began his apprenticeship as a confectioner in Turin at 11. In 1927, he took over a pastry shop in Fossano and, within a few years, opened a second one in the elegant Via Roma. Both shops were completely destroyed during the Second World War, and Antonio Balocco and his son Aldo found refuge in the Langhe.

Francesco Antono and Aldo Balocco
Francesco Antono and Aldo Balocco

The ’50s and the production’s growth

At the end of the war, with the help of his son Aldo, who took over the family business at the age of 23, the two bakeries and the workshop were rebuilt, and the story continued. In the ’50s, thanks to new machinery, the production of dry biscuits was joined by more elaborate baked goods such as panettone, pandoro, dove-shaped Easter cake and wafers.

Industrial Production and the Mandorlato Cake

In 1970, Balocco embraced definitively industrial production while retaining some craftsmanship. Those years also saw the birth of Mandorlato Balocco. This creation was a great success across Italy, thanks to a TV spot and the sensational Kessler Sisters, whom Aldo personally chose as the first testimonials for the 1975 commercial.

Mandorlato Balocco
Mandorlato Balocco

The story of the Balocco family was also told in a book published in 2017 by Alberto, together with Adriano Moraglio.

A curiosity: Balocco has been Juventus F.C.’s Official Partner since 2010.

A family tradition that goes on

Balocco is still headquartered in Fossano, and Alessandra Balocco is at the helm, continuing the family tradition. The company, which employs hundreds of people and has a turnover of tens of millions of euros, has a policy that pays close attention to the quality of raw materials, hygiene and safety standards, and sustainability. The company exports 10% of its production to 67 countries.

Congratulations to those who make delicious sweets and bring Piedmont and Italy to the world!

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