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The Giro ends in Verona: Calzedonia takes the last stage

Sandro Veronesi and Calzedonia: a dream come true becoming an empire.

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Today, the 105th Giro d’Italia ends with a time trial stage in the spectacular Arena of Verona! To the winner and all the athletes of this extraordinary race, we would like to dedicate a quote by Sandro Veronesi, the Made in Italy entrepreneur who created the Calzedonia empire in the province of Verona in 1984: ‘In life as in work, you must be actors and never spectators’.

A dream come true

Born in Trento in 1954, after graduating in Economics, he started working at Golden Lady Spa, a company owned by Nerino Grassi (his father-in-law). A few years later, he quit his job to make his dream come true: shops that look like boutiques but sell fashion products at an affordable price to a young clientele.

With this idea in mind, in 1986, he founded the Calzedonia brand in Vallese di Oppeano (VR). He opens the first shop in a non-commercial location and is unsuccessful, but the flop does not discourage him. The following year, he opened two shops in central areas and bet on franchising, with shops with a recognisable image and well-trained and motivated staff. The new formula is an instant success. Veronesi thus decided to stock swimwear alongside socks for men, women and children. The business grew to the point that, in 1994, Calzedonia started its own production.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sandro Veronesi decided in 1999 to set up the San Zeno Foundation, which funds organisations and associations working to educate young people and train them for the world of work in Italy and in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

A growing business

In the meantime, the company’s business continued to grow. Over the years, Calzedonia opened 2000 shops worldwide and acquired seven brands, including Falconieri, Tezenis, Intimissimi and Atelier Emé, thus encompassing hosiery, underwear, cashmere and tailored wedding dresses.

Today, Calzedonia, still headed by Sandro Veronesi, operates from its headquarters in DossoBuono, Villafranca di Verona. It has factories in Italy and abroad, employs thousands of people, has a turnover of billions of euros, and sells its products in 4,600 shops in 50 countries. Forbes included Sandro Veronesi among the wealthiest men on the planet.

Congratulations to those who act with determination and bring Italian style to the world.