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Riders: Just Eat hires operators with the logistics contract

Just Eat is the first food delivery operator to hire riders with a contract connected to the logistics and transport sector.

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Delivery workers, especially in the catering industry, are often seen as the epitome of precariousness. However, with the sector growth that we have witnessed also due to the pandemic – in Italy, 34% of those currently using food delivery services have discovered it precisely because of the lockdowns – things are finally changing and for the better.

The first operator in the sector to legalize the position of the many riders who make deliveries throughout the day was Just Eat Italia, the Italian division of the leading multinational digital food delivery company headed by Daniele Contini. At the beginning of summer 2021, the manager, who in the past has also launched, hired one thousand riders with a contract model connected to the logistics and transport sector.

The contract provides for hourly remuneration unrelated to the number of deliveries and includes incentives, holidays, sickness leave, and maternity/paternity leave. A decidedly innovative move in the food delivery market, which also represents its necessary evolution and an investment for a fairer future.