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Bill Gates… in the North of Italy

The water pump to improve living conditions in developing countries designed in Brianza and funded by the Gates Foundation.

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What does Bill Gates have to do with Cavenago Brianza? There are distances that seem impossible to bridge, and yet they disappear at the speed and in the name of innovation. It is thanks to its specialisation in the research, development and production of integrated technologies for the treatment of sludge and wastewater that the small 100% Made in Italy company Idee e Prodotti Srl has been selected by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for a $1 million grant.

Gates Foundation
Gates Foundation

A pump for the developing world

The product that caught the attention of Microsoft’s founder is something that has nothing to do with IT but can be a valuable aid to improve the hygienic and living conditions of many places in developing countries. It is a full-flow hydraulic pump, meaning that it is capable of handling flows that contain foreign elements, such as rags or stones, without damage.

Vincenzo Di Leo
Vincenzo Di Leo

Funding for innovation

The technology has great potential; however, much work was needed to develop the same product in a much lighter and cheaper version. Bill Gates’ funding helped with this, and Vincenzo Di Leo, 72, a former worker and now owner of the company, says he does not just want to create a prototype but a product that can stand on the market. The company still works tenaciously to achieve this ambitious goal, focusing as it has always done on innovation and the acquisition of new skills.

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