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Cold from the land of sun: IRINOX and blast chillers

With founding values such as specialization, a focus on meeting the continuous and changing demands of the market, and the ability to anticipate future needs, only IRINOX could make a device that didn’t exist yet and launch blast chillers. These systems can keep food’s nutritional and taste characteristics intact while preserving it for a long time on the market.

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It is almost surprising that Italy, traditionally considered the “land of the sun,” is also the world leader…for cold! And yet, thanks to IRINOX Spa, a Made in Italy benefit company specialising in rapid cooling systems (blast chillers, freezers, etc.) and stainless steel switchboards, Italy also holds this record.

A company of specialists, innovators and pioneers

The story of Irinox is a story of passion and vision.The company was established in Conegliano Veneto in 1989, when Florindo Da Ros and two partners, Luigino Granziera and Claudio Tonon, founded a company of ‘Specialists, innovators and pioneers’, with founding values such as specialisation, a focus on meeting the ever-changing demands of the market and the ability to anticipate future needs.

The device that didn’t exist

It all actually started with the production of ovens. Soon enough, however, the company saw a need for a device that did not yet exist, a machine capable of keeping food’s nutritional and taste characteristics intact while preserving it for a long time. While initially, the product’s value was mainly perceived at an industrial level and by large catering companies, now also star chefs and pastry chefs use blast chillers.

Blast chillers for Silicon Valley giants

One of the main customers IRINOX has won over recently is undoubtedly Amazon Fresh, which delivers freshly cooked food to your home at the right temperature. Today, four IRINOX machines are being used in the central kitchen in Boston, where the quick delivery starts. The IRINOX system rapidly cools cooked food. Then, with the same machines and thanks to a complex system of fans controlling evaporation, compression, and condensation, the same food can be reheated or slow-cooked so that it is ready for delivery at the time requested by the customer.

Other brands using IRINOX products? Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn, to name but a few. At Google’s Mountain View Campus, IRINOX machines help maintain the integrity of the more than 17,000 meals served daily!

Revolutionizing home cooking

After conquering professional kitchens, this revolution is increasingly extending to home cooking. IRINOX machines can be used to plan the storage of cooked, blast-chilled, and reheated food. This technology is expected to evolve even further thanks to the Internet of Things, which will allow you to tell the machine which food you want ready and at what time.

IRINOX maintains its headquarters in Conegliano under the leadership of Katia Da Ros. It has three plants in the province of Treviso, around 350 employees, a turnover of more than €70 million, and sells in 89 countries.

“My company’s goal is to create value for everyone,” says Katia da Ros.

Congratulations to those who bring ‘cold Made in Italy’ to the world!

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