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eFM: when the workplace becomes an experience

Using data to design and enable new ways of experiencing space. This is the mission of eFM, a company that designs and manages functional places to improve the relationships and activities of the people who live in them.

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Let’s start with the numbers: today, in Italy – undoubtedly due to the pandemic period – almost 90 percent of companies have chosen to make remote working solutions available to their employees, which translates into around seven million professionals no longer bound to carry out their activities within the boundaries of a defined space.

This is a major change that will undoubtedly have repercussions on the very idea of the workplace. In fact, the latter stops being simply a more or less comfortable physical place and becomes something more, starting with a digital space capable of following the people in their movements and allowing them to perform their tasks to the best of their ability, wherever they may be.

A new concept of space

This is where eFM, a Made in Italy company founded in 2000, comes in. Initially, it focused on facility management, then expanded its expertise first into real estate and then into design, all through acquisitions of specialized companies and platforms. Its aim is to provide people with sustainable and ‘engaging’ places to work and live better.

We imagine a new world of physical and digital places, where people and things connected in harmony, share, learn and evolve to improve our lives. This world is here. Now.” This is what eFM CEO Daniele di Fausto says when thinking of workplaces where spaces are rationalized, technologies are effective, and the quality of relationships and work is improved. While companies have unused or insufficient space, they also feel a growing need to free work from the constraints of place and create new ways of engagement in a context that combines learning and work and offers continuous growth experiences.

From Headquarters to Hubquarter

The old concept of ‘Headquarters’ is thus replaced by the new one of ‘Hubquarter,’ which indicates first and foremost an idea of the workplace as an experience, the possibility of a connection between several places capable of improving people’s involvement and engagement and giving rise to new business opportunities. An intertwining of spaces, services, and communities is translated into a technology platform called Myspot, which helps work teams and the company integrate places, people, and moments, understand interpersonal dynamics, and offer personal tools for increased awareness.

Learning and work merge, and living new experiences becomes the most important thing,Di Fausto points out in an interview with Digital360. “This transforms the workplace from a Working Place to a Living Place, a living place where the various aspects of our lives and personalities come together.

Today, eFM is a company with 350 employees with scientific and humanistic backgrounds. It operates on four continents, has 400 customers in the public and private sectors, and manages one million workstations worldwide.

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