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Taopatch®: the secret of champions (but not only)

Based on nanotechnology patented in Italy ten years ago, Taopatch®, without using drugs, improves communication between the nervous system, muscles and receptors. A true panacea for health and well-being.

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Satisfied customers indeed make the best advertising; if the customer is a champion of Novak Djokovic’s calibre and the product is called ‘The secret of my career’, the road to success is practically paved!

This is what happened to Tao Technologies Srl, a Made in Italy company based in Castelfranco Veneto and manufacturer of Taopatch® Sport, a device you wear like a plaster, the size of a coin, that the Serbian tennis player Djokovic unintentionally showed to the cameras during the match that consecrated him as the winner of his third Roland Garros and twenty-third Slam.

A drug-free medical device

What is Taopatch®? It is a medical device that transmits photons coherent with the human body without the use of drugs, constantly stimulating nerve points that are out of balance.

We could call Taopatch® a neuro-muscular equalizer, which improves communication between the nervous system, muscles and receptors. Therefore, it is a true panacea for health and well-being that improves proprioception, i.e., the ability to perceive and recognise the position of our body in space and the state of contraction of our muscles, even without the support of sight.

The application of Taopatch® can aid the recovery of joint function, the reduction of posture pain, and the correction of incorrect postural patterns, improving the general state of well-being. You can apply Taopatch® with a simple plaster. It can be moved to different places on the body and lasts about two years.

A curiosity: Taopatch® can also be used for our four-legged pets!

Innovative Made in Italy technology

This extraordinary device is based on a nanotechnology patented in Italy ten years ago by the team of Veneto entrepreneur Fabio Fontana, born in 1981, a computer and telecommunications technician, doctor of biomedical sciences and founder of Tao Technologies.

The device acts mainly on the involuntary muscles. Taopatch® can help improve balance, make movement fluid, and help reduce tension in contracted body parts by facilitating better flexibility.

Next stop America

Fontana’s next goal is to open a branch office in the United States, where there are potential partners, mainly to expand and deepen research. In Fontana’s view, ‘the body is run by software that sometimes works well and sometimes less so, due to chemical and electromagnetic pollution in everyday life. Health, however, can somehow be easily reprogrammed by simply finding the right information.”

Congratulations to those who innovate and bring Italy to Roland Garros and the world!

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