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Desmon – Made in Italy

The cold chain for COVID vaccines is Made in Italy: the Desmon case

Ultra-freezers produced by Desmon can guarantee a temperature of -70 degrees for storing vaccines even without electricity

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Everyone knows by now that the cold chain was essential for the smooth operation of vaccine logistics. Indeed, one of the main challenges Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine posed was the need for a temperature of 80 degrees below zero for good storage of the vials.

Super cold from Irpinia

However, not everyone is aware that the compact super freezers capable of reaching this temperature without an external power supply are a perfect example of a Made in Italy creation, more specifically Made in Irpinia, by DESMON Spa, a company specialising in industrial refrigerators for food and healthcare.

Founded by brothers Corrado and Filippo De Santis, Desmon was established in 1994 as a company for marketing catering equipment. In 1998, the company took over a historical brand of professional refrigeration and started producing professional refrigerators under its brand name. In 2015, it became part of the US group Middleby Corporation, and it is this synergy that allows Desmon to compete globally in the highly innovative Ultra Freezer (ULT) market.

A freezer for vaccines

By using eutectic plates that release cold, the company had already experimented with a product capable of maintaining a temperature of zero degrees for 72 hours without electricity. The company has guaranteed a temperature change from zero to minus seventy degrees by keeping the same approach. It thus offers a unique product with great potential in terms of vaccine distribution in places where access to electricity is most difficult. The company’s production sites, located in Nusco (AV), in Italy, cover an area of 25,000 square metres and employ more than 100 people. It has customers worldwide, and it is a growing business.

Congratulations to those who, with courage, invest in their territory, bringing Italy to the world!