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When retirement rhymes with passion (and entrepreneurial talent)!

Retired and Hi-Tech entrepreneur Giuseppe Crippa’s success story began in 1995 when he and his wife and son founded Technoprobe Srl, Italy’s leading electronics company today.

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After retiring, Giuseppe Crippa, 87 years old, created a Made in Italy electronics multinational from scratch and even ended up on the Forbes billionaire list.

Born in Merate (MI), after working 35 years for STMicroelectronics, an Italian-French electronics company, Giuseppe accepted the early retirement proposal to finally devote himself to the entrepreneurial project he had been cherishing for some time. So, he decided to use his severance pay to get back into the game, leveraging his vast experience to launch a new business.

Giuseppe Crippa

The beginnings in the garage

Like a Silicon Valley kid, he started working out of his garage and, with his son Cristiano, started a small business to produce probes for the probe card market (at that time, probes were very technologically immature and only made in the USA).

In 1993, with the help of his wife, Mariarosa Lavelli and the hiring of the first two employees, the company began to get organised and grow, and in 1995, Technoprobe Srl was formally established. For the first 15 years, its main customer was STM, its former employer, while the 2000s saw the beginning of an international expansion that led Technoprobe to open first an office in France, then another in Singapore and, from 2007, a third in the United States.

Probe card
Probe card

Italian roots, international outlook

Today, Technoprobe, based in Cernusco Lombardone, is the world leader in probe card production, and its customers include companies such as Microsoft and Samsung Electronics. There are now 2300 employees worldwide (1300 in Italy) and 11 international locations, not forgetting three development centres. Technoprobe has a turnover of hundreds of millions of euros and was listed on the Italian stock exchange in Milan in February 2022.

Although the company now has an international outlook, the link with the native region remains very strong. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the company provided an area of 1,700 square metres to set up an anti-Covid hub at its own expense, where 160,000 vaccine doses were given in six months. In addition, Technoprobe supports various local social organisations.

Congratulations to those who get back into the game with determination and vision and, with the slogan ‘Innovation begins with us”, take Italy to the world.

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