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ASC27 - Made in Italy

ASC27: human-centred Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence, will we all be able to speak complex languages we do not know? It has already happened to Beppe Grillo thanks to ASC27, a young Italian start-up that achieved this by exploiting AI and machine learning.

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A video in which Beppe Grillo speaks Chinese fluently recently went viral. How did the well-known politician learn such a complex language so quickly? In reality, things are a little different. Beppe Grillo actually worked with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to generate the video we saw.

Serving Healthcare

A small miracle by the Made in Italy startup ASC27 s.r.l. an Italian company founded in 2020 and already a WAIC Top 50 winner in the European selection of the WAIC – World Artificial Intelligence Conference , Shanghai 2023 thanks to a healthcare solution capable – again through an algorithm – of predicting the development of Alzheimer’s in patients with 90% accuracy thanks to machine learning techniques.

How to create an avatar

But how did the algorithm work in the case of the video we are talking about? The software was fed a video of Grillo that allowed it to study his movements, posture and expressions; the same was done with an audio file, and all this allowed it to create the avatar. Then, the text of the speech provided by the politician was translated into Chinese by the AI algorithm that also generated the audio.

A recent story, an international success

It all comes from the passion for cybersecurity and AI of Nicola Grandis, born in 78 in Abruzzo and a computer science graduate. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Grandis founded ASC27 srl in Rome, which today has a team of 30 people with an average age of around 26.

Within a few months, the company developed the ASIMOV software, which helps journalists create texts and podcasts. ‘The goal,’ Grandis explains in an interview with AGI, ‘is to work alongside humans. Asimov is not meant to replace anyone but to help in creating content. It frees journalists from repetitive tasks (such as selecting the best sources) and identifies upcoming trends’. Another innovation awarded in Shanghai 2021 that was worth a place in the Top 10.

The growth of Made in Italy Artificial Intelligence

Today, ASC27, with offices in Milan, Rome, Bologna, and São Paulo, Brazil (ASC27 | América Latina), boasts one of the most extensive product portfolios on the market and collaborations with universities, museums, institutions and governments worldwide.

“Human-centered Artificial Intelligence should not be scary,” says Nicola Grandis, and we can only congratulate those who bring Artificial Intelligence Made in Italy to the world!

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