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Headu’s Made in Italy games: when learning is fun

Learning while having fun: with its games, Headu helps to stimulate and promote intelligence, or better still, the different intelligences of children. They are games that encourage the development of essential skills, stimulate mental agility, promote concentration and help develop logical thinking in young children.

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Playing is a serious matter, mainly if the games help to stimulate and promote the intelligence, or better still, the different intelligences of children. This is precisely the aim of Headu, a Made in Italy publishing house, creator of ‘lifelong playing and lifelong learning’ and a leader in quality games for children, games that stimulate mental agility, help concentration and contribute to the development of logical thinking in young children.

Play, skills, intelligence

Headu games are based on the innovative LPH (Lifelong Playing Headu) teaching method inspired by the multiple intelligences theories by psychologist Howard Gardner. According to this approach, every child has all the existing intelligences (logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, musical, kinaesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal) within them to varying degrees, and play is an essential educational tool for bringing them out and enhancing them. Headu’s idea is, therefore, to have children play with devices that develop their specific skills and stimulate all different forms of intelligence.

A young company with a solid foundation

Headu’s entrepreneurial story began in 2017 when Gian Maurizio Basciano and Franco Lisciani (son of Giuseppe Lisciani, pioneer of educational games and Italian pedagogy and founder of Liscianigiochi) founded the company together in Mosciano di Sant’Angelo (TE).

In 2020, Headu was the first to create a game – ‘Caccia il Virus’ – to explain the pandemic to children by teaching them to cooperate and respect the rules. One of the best-known games is ‘Colpo d’occhio‘, to stimulate memory and the development of spatial intelligence, and there are plenty of games for all age groups in childhood – from one year – developed by Headu.

Quality and innovation also in playing

“The training effectiveness of our products is the result of years of work in education: each of our games leads to a declared result. The courage to always experiment with original solutions allows us to be recognised by the market as first movers and quality innovators. Continuous collaborations with top illustrators, authors and education professionals allow us to achieve attractive design and quality content. The materials we use are many, interesting and durable: paper, cardboard, wood, fabric and more, all skilfully combined into truly unique products.”

This is what Franco Lisciani said in an interview with the Duesse publishing house website.

Grown-ups… for little ones!

Today, Headu s.r.l, a leader in the educational games sector, with CEO and President Franco Lisciani, head office in Mosciano di Sant’Angelo (TE), dozens of employees and collaborators, branches in France and the USA, is distributed in 50 countries and has a turnover of millions of Euros.

Congratulations to those who believe in learning while having fun and who bring Italy to the world!

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