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Fiat 600: All the colours of Made in Italy

Italy is the land of colours. That is why Fiat, with Operation No Grey, has decided to stop producing grey cars in Italy, to inspire people to live with optimism and positivity.

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“If you give kids a piece of paper and some paint and ask them to draw a car, they will surely make it red. That’s how Enzo Ferrari’s memorable quote rang, and today Francois Olivier, CEO Fiat and global CMO of Stellantisseems to have taken his words literally, as he has decided to stop producing grey cars in Italy: ‘We will never produce grey cars in Italy again… Colours enhance the Italian lifestyle. Colour is passion, optimism, life!” said Olivier.

“Operation No Grey”

‘Operation no Grey’ – just announced by FIAT – is a strong and clear communication move that aims to strengthen the leadership in Italy of a brand determined to bind itself to optimism and colour. “The world doesn’t need another grey car,” said Francois Olivier, “Grey always sells and sells well in Japan, Germany and France….but look at Italy, it’s the land of colours!”

Colours and positivity

To unveil this initiative, the Stellantis brand launched the film ‘Operation No Grey’ produced by Twister Film and signed by Leo Burnett.

A marketing choice that breaks market rules but, above all, ‘impresses on people’s minds the values of the Nuova Dolce Vita and the Italian DNA embodied by the brand. FIAT wants to inspire people to live with optimism and positivity,’ explained Olivier.

The new Fiat 600: a colourful world!

So the New Fiat 600e Dolce Vita, recently presented to the market, is a dive into colours. You can choose from eight: Bianco Gelato, Arancio Sicilia, Arancio Paprika, Rosso Passione, Blu Dipinto di Blu, Blu Italia, Blu Venezia, Verde Rugiada, Verde Foresta, Rose Gold and Nero Cinema, all shades with an evocative name that recalls the beauty of the Italian landscape and Dolce Vita.

Congratulations to those who carry the values and colours of Italy around the world!

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