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Golden Goose – Made in Italy

Golden Goose: craftsmanship is the keyword

In just a few years, the handcrafted sneakers by Golden Goose, a small Made in Italy brand born in Venice in 2000, have conquered the world with their characteristic vintage look.

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A star with its points cut off: a logo that is also a praise to imperfection, or rather, to the perfect imperfection of craftsmanship. This is the philosophy of Golden Goose, a luxury Made in Italy brand that was born in 2000 in Venice in a small shoe workshop, where Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, two young emerging designers and skaters, started to produce and market vintage and luxury accessories.

An Italian sneaker to conquer America

The first pair of sneakers was made in 2007. They were completely handmade, and they still are: each pair takes about four hours to produce, and each shoe undergoes a special process, the end result of which is the characteristic vintage look.

It may be the particular cut that slims the figure and allows the sneaker to be worn with a skirt. It may be the idea of a handmade object or its retro taste: whatever the reason, Golden Goose has conquered the American market, too. It is not an insignificant challenge for a small Italian brand inevitably forced to compete with giants, but a challenge that has certainly been overcome if one considers that in 2013, the Italian market accounted for 89% of revenues, while now it is only 8%, and the United States accounts for 42%.

The Store Experience and the Gold Manifesto

Today, Golden Goose markets its products in twenty-three countries through a network of roughly seven hundred sales outlets. New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, and Milan are just some of the cities where Golden Goose has a store, and entering one of these stores is an experience you won’t forget. Spaces carefully chosen and set up to celebrate the brand’s spirit: a praise to the uniqueness and a tribute to craftsmanship, as well described in the ‘Gold Manifesto,’ all in a 1990s atmosphere that pleasantly takes you back in time.

Forward Stores & Sneakers makers

In 2022, the Forward Stores were opened, offering a range of services designed to extend the life cycle of products: here, they can be repaired, customized, resold, or recycled.

In each store, a ‘sneaker maker’ is at work: not only to make new sneakers but also to repair used ones of any brand, as in the store on Via Cusani in Milan and all the Forward Stores. The sneaker makers have the very important task of bringing the customer closer to the brand, initiating a conversation, and highlighting a sustainable practice such as repair.

An unswerving success

Golden Goose ended 2023 with net revenue of 587 million, registering an 18% growth at constant exchange rates compared to the fiscal year 2022. The company aims to list on the Milan Stock Exchange in the near future, expand further in Asia, South America, and Africa, and reach one billion in sales by 2029.

Congratulations to those who focus on quality and storytelling, bringing Italy to the world.

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