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Tassoni – Made in Italy

The Giro arrives in Salò: today’s stage tastes like a citron-juice drink!

Cedrata Tassoni was born in Salò a good 229 years ago. Made from citrons grown on Lake Garda, it is an outstanding product worldwide.

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Today’s stage of the Giro d’Italia – Aprica-Salò – takes us to meet another historical Made in Italy company. On the Brescian side of Lake Garda, TASSONI, which has been producing the world’s most famous citron fruit juice for 229 years, grows its citrons.

Tassoni, headquarters

From apothecary to distillery

Cedrata Tassoni’s history began in 1793 when the Bondone brothers opened an apothecary shop in the centre of Salò. After being passed on to his grandchildren, in 1859 by ‘petition and judicial decree,’ the property was transferred to Antonio Barbieri and then, in 1868, to Bartolomeo Castelli and Count Nicola Tassoni, son of Ludovico, after whom it was named.

In 1884, Dr Paolo Amadei, a pharmacist, bought the business and decided to continue using the prestigious Tassoni surname. The extraordinary beneficial properties of the citron were already known in ancient Persia. Amadei decided to set up a distillery alongside the pharmacy to produce infusions and distillates from the citrons that have always grown luxuriantly in the microclimate of Lake Garda.

The citron-juice drink

In 1921, his son Carlo created Cedrata Tassoni, a syrup with a unique taste that was an immediate success. The beautiful Art Nouveau labels and the historical claim ‘It’s good, and it’s good for you’, that, thanks to advertising in newspapers and billboards, made Italian families discover the goodness of citron juice, date back to this period.

In 1956, by adding soda to the syrup, Tassoni Soda was born, a thirst-quenching, ready-to-drink carbonated soft drink made only with Made in Italy citrons. In the 1970s, the TV commercial featured Mina.

Recently taken over by the Lunelli Group, today, Tassoni is the Italian leader in hydro-alcoholic drinks made from 100% Italian citrus fruits, has retained its headquarters and factories in Salò, and produces millions of bottles of citron drinks and syrups every year. It has dozens of employees and millions in turnover. It exports to America and Europe and targets the luxury soft drinks market.

Congratulations to those who bring the flavour of Italian citrons to the world!

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