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Frescobaldi – Made in Italy

The wines of Marchesi De’ Frescobaldi: from the Middle Ages with Tuscany in the heart

Thirty generations of winegrowers for a history that has its roots in Tuscany, thirty generations that, with passion and dedication, produce quality wines that enhance the different terroirs of the region.

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The Frescobaldi family’s thirty-generation history of winegrowers began in the year 1000 in Val di Pesa and has never strayed far from Tuscany. On the contrary, the family has made its ties with the territory and with Florence one of its main strengths.

Initially a family of merchants and bankers, they were responsible for the first wooden bridge over the Arno – that of Santa Trinita – and the commission to Brunelleschi of the Church of Santa Croce. Wine production began in the early 14th century. Between the 16th and 17th centuries, they supplied the English Royal House and exported their wine to several European countries. In the mid-19th century, they began to grow previously unknown grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

Enhancing terroirs and their uniqueness

Frescobaldi’s philosophy has always been to enhance the different terroirs of Tuscany, a diversity that is expressed in the ten different estates located in the areas of the region most suited to wine: Castello di Pomino (Pomino), Castello di Nipozzano (Nipozzano), Tenuta Calimaia, Tenuta Perano (Gaiole in Chianti), Tenuta Castiglioni (Montespertoli), Tenuta CastelGiocondo (Montalcino), Tenuta Ammiraglia (Magliano in Toscana), Tenuta Ornellaia (Bolgheri), Remole (Sieci) and Gorgona.

Each estate has its own character and is run with full respect for its uniqueness. Direct contact with the customer through hospitality and gastronomic tourism is extremely important. It is an excellent test to immediately understand whether the products are liked and appreciated.

Gorgona: when good wine does good

Among Frescobaldi’s most interesting projects is the one on the island prison of Gorgona, where prisoners cultivate the vineyard and make wine. This is a social project for prisoners, who have the opportunity to learn a trade and earn a salary, facilitating their reintegration into society.

Frescobaldi for art: the new patronage

Moreover, there has always been a very close connection between the Frescobaldi family and art; suffice it to say that one of the estate’s first customers was Michelangelo Buonarroti, who paid for his wine in works of art. Today, this bond translates into the ‘Artisti per Frescobaldi‘ project, launched in 2012 and strongly supported by the company’s president, Tiziana Frescobaldi. A reinterpretation of patronage in a modern key, which found new life by establishing a Contemporary Art Prize (since 2023). Artisti for Frescobaldi gave rise to the collection of works housed at CastelGiocondo. Each artist involved was asked to interpret the estate and its ‘genius loci’ according to their own sensitivity.

New challenges and new products

But Frescobaldi is not only synonymous with excellent wine: since 1986, the winery has also produced Laudemio oil, extra virgin olive oil that guarantees the origin, production processes, and organoleptic characteristics of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Laudemio oil comes from olive groves covering an area of around three hundred hectares, located between two hundred and five hundred metres above sea level. The olives are generally harvested in October to capture their best organoleptic characteristics, and they are carefully selected and pressed immediately after picking.

In addition to olives, since January 2024, Frescobaldi has embarked on a new challenge: pasta Tirrena, a new high-quality artisanal product made from wheat grown in Tuscany and dried naturally in seventy-two hours. A product that is already enjoying great success abroad and will not fail to attract restaurants and wine bars.

Today, Frescobaldi is the leading Italian wine company in terms of profitability and sells its wines in over 90 countries worldwide. Headed by Tiziana Frescobaldi (president) and Lamberto Frescobaldi (CEO), it has a turnover of more than EUR 160 million and around 700 employees.

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