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Stevanato Group: when glass rhymes with technology

A 70-year history for Stevanato Group, the company that made about a third of the vials for anti-COVID vaccines.

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Constant investments, acquisition of new skills and attention to technologies: these are the ingredients that have built, in over 70 years of history, the Made in Italy success of Stevanato Group, one of the largest groups in the world manufacturing primary glass packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, today also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. At the head of the group with headquarters in Piombino Dese (Padua), the president Sergio Stevanato, born in 1943, with his sons Franco, CEO, and Marco, vice president.

Vials with high technological content

Recently the Stevanato Group has made the headlines because it has made at least a third of the glass vials containing the anti-COVID vaccines. These vials are actually a highly technological product, capable of supporting a temperature range that goes from minus 80 to plus 30 degrees centigrade and remaining intact under 100 kilos of weight.. It’s a performance that only glass can offer, as plastic could not withstand such a stress test.

Vials moulding

Innovation in the DNA

The potential of glass was the great intuition of Giovanni Stevanato, Sergio’s father, who in the 40s opened the “Soffieria Stella”, specialised in the production of glass bottles and vials for the cosmetic industry, thanks to the invention of machinery capable of automating the production of glass. Since the beginning, the company has focused on research and development, an approach that has allowed it not only to produce increasingly advanced solutions and to ensure the highest quality and innovation standards throughout the production process but also to evolve from a supplier of packaging components and automated machinery to a full-service strategic partner for biopharmaceutical companies.

Today the group, which is the market leader in the production of glass cartridges for insulin pen injectors and is the world’s second-largest producer of glass vials, has not only been able to respond brilliantly to a significant challenge – to be ready for the pandemic emergency – but continues to evolve and innovate at the service of the most advanced pharmaceutical industry.

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