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The Giro d’Italia starts in Hungary, but Italian talent is everywhere

From the talent and passion of Gian Pietro Beghelli comes a company that has become a leader in the production of security systems.

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This year, Hungary will host the Great Start of the 105th Giro d’Italia. Still, the Bel Paese is not far away because the first international stage Budapest-Visegrad will start just a few blocks away from Beghelli Hungary, a division of Beghelli, a 100% Made in Italy group that has become synonymous worldwide with ‘Reliability and Safety’.

Creative restlessness

The Beghelli brand is the outcome of the talent of the Emilian entrepreneur Gian Pietro Beghelli, who, thanks to a simple but revolutionary idea, managed to create a veritable empire in a few years. Gian Pietro Beghelli was born in Castello di Serravalle (BO) in 1945 and, at 14, went to work with his father, who worked as a barber. Gian Pietro, however, is a restless young man and, at 16, leaves that life to become an errand boy at the Post Office. After a few years, a new change. At 18, he became a waiter at the canteen for rail workers and then head of the Ducati canteen.

Gian Pietro Beghelli
Gian Pietro Beghelli

This is where his real growth begins: he shows determination and passion. He gets noticed and is offered other tasks.

In the early 1970s, he opened a small company with 15 employees and then two others to produce Ducati condensers. When Ducati went through a difficult period, he quickly converted the business to the manual production of pen cases and locks.

The first rechargeable battery-powered emergency lamp

The idea that would make him famous dates back to 1976, when the continuous blackouts caused by snowfall in the hills around Monteveglio made him think about the usefulness of lights that could work even without electricity. Thus, the first rechargeable battery-powered manual emergency lamp was born. It was to be used in many, even dramatic circumstances, such as the Irpinia earthquake in 1980, and it was to become the flagship product of the Beghelli company, founded in 1982.

The early 1990s saw the launch of another revolutionary product: the Tele Salvavita Beghelli home security system, with its memorable slogan, ‘A finger is enough to have a hand’. This was followed by new home and business security devices.

In 2008, Gian Pietro Beghelli was appointed Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

Production and research of home security systems

Today Beghelli is a world leader in the production and research of home security systems (also against Covid 19), and its founder Gian Pietro holds the role of CEO and president. The group is based in Monteveglio (BO), employs thousands of people and has a turnover of hundreds of millions of Euros.

Congratulations to those who imagine innovative solutions that bring Made in Italy to the world!

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