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Under Shield: the smile behind the mask

The Under Shield mask with transparent insert so as not to hide the lips and facial expressions.

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The idea of ​​going back to school in the presence has made everyone happy and probably represents in the most emblematic way the return to normality… or almost. The only veil of sadness, in fact, remains the image of swarms of children forced to cover their faces with masks and hide their smiles. But there is a remedy for everything.

In fact, a Venetian company has designed and created, in collaboration with the Magarotto Institute for the Deaf in Padua, a mask equipped with a transparent window, which does not hide the lip and facial expression.

Transparent masks "Under Shield"
Transparent masks “Under Shield”

Under the banner of inclusion

This is a really important idea, a step forward in the direction of inclusion as well as, of course, technological innovation. In fact, it is no coincidence that this mask was born from Under Shield, a textile company engaged in the creation of particular carbon fibre fabrics intended for an audience of sportsmen, amateurs and agonists.

The CEO of the company – one of the many family-run Made in Italy outstanding features – is Paolo Pandin, who says that the idea was born above all to make it easier for those who have to read lips and was first adopted in schools for the deaf and dumb. Its use has expanded to many other educational institutions as the project was approved by the CTS and the company moved towards large-scale production.

Textiles and engineering: an unprecedented combination

The peculiarity of a company like Under Shield consists in having succeeded in combining two apparently very different experiences: that of textiles and engineering and in having had the flexibility and readiness to put them, when needed, at the service of the part weakest of the community.

Fashion and textiles are industries where the excellence of Made in Italy is not lacking: discover them now!