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Cedat85 – Made in Italy

EU speaks Italian (and translates into 24 languages with Cedat85)

Cedat85 has been in the business of giving value to words since 1985. A path combining research, development and innovation to help companies, universities, and public administrations transform speech into digital assets.

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Altiero Spinelli, rightly considered one of the founding fathers of the European Union, would be proud to know that Cedat85, a 100% Made in Italy company, has been chosen by the European Parliament for the automated transcription of the debates held in plenary at the Chamber of Deputies!

Bringing value to the word

Cedat 85 is an Apulian company founded in 1985 in San Vito dei Normanni (Br) by Gianfranco Mazzoccoli to offer value-added services from “speech.” It is among the first companies in Italy to use speech recognition technologies with Respeaking. The texts, processed using Artificial Intelligence technologies, particularly Language identification and MachineTranslation, will initially be translated into ten languages, bound to become as many as 24.

The company secured the contract (worth three million euros over three years) amid the pandemic, with managing director Enrico Giannotti remotely coordinating his team along with the consortium of companies that participated in the tender. The company won the tender by beating even giants like Microsoft!

Research and development at the core

Cedat85 is a company that grows by 10 per cent every year. Its internal Research & Development department sees very diverse professionals at work, including computer scientists, linguists, physicists, mathematicians, and graduates from the most prestigious universities worldwide, all with a single goal: bringing value to words by transforming them into digital resources.

The company invests up to 30% of its revenue in R&D and considers people training a strategic asset for success in today’s increasingly competitive environment. The company has offices in San Vito dei Normanni (BR), Rome, Bologna, Padua and Lecce in Italy, and London, with the owned company Speech-i Ltd.

A proprietary technology underpins success

At the core of Cedat85’s success is Automatic Speech Recognition (Asr). Patented by Cedat85 in 2008 and 2010, this technological solution is used in council meetings of over 200 Italian municipalities, five regional councils, and in the State-Regions Department of the Council Presidency and the Chamber of Deputies.

Cedat85’s clients also include British Library, Téléperformance, Mediaset, and many other companies that need to bring value to speech.

Proud of those who invest, innovate and bring Made in Italy digital technology to the world!

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