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Made in Italy
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Outstanding product… by chance: the Tuscan cigar

Antico Toscano is an outstanding ‘Made in Italy’ product, the best-selling cigar in Europe, and has been awarded ‘Best Cigar Other Countries’.

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Sometimes, things happen by chance! In 1815, in Florence, a violent summer downpour drenched a batch of Kentucky tobacco that subsequently underwent ammonia fermentation due to the high temperatures. Not wanting to throw away the entire batch, the factory manager – who was supposed to pay the Grand Duke of Tuscany with that tobacco – decided to use it as a filling for cigars, which were to be sold cheaply. The cigar was an instant success and soon became a favourite with artists and intellectuals, from Giacomo Puccini to Giuseppe Garibaldi and Amedeo Modigliani.

Women’s role

In the history of the Cigaro Toscano, one must not forget the essential role played by women. Thanks to their strong representation in the factory, female cigar makers were among the first to obtain the same rights as men in the world of labour. Following tough labour struggles, they were granted the right to have nurseries at their workplace. Their craft has been handed down unchanged – often from mother to daughter – for two hundred years and requires at least 18 months of training.

International recognition

Today, Antico Toscano is a genuinely outstanding Made in Italy product, is the best-selling cigar in Europe and has just been awarded as ‘Best Cigar Other Countries‘ during the Cigar Trophy Award at the InterTabac in Dortmund (the world’s most important Tobacco, Products and Services Fair). It is a prestigious award given to an iconic product directly by consumers in an online award ceremony organized by the Cigar Journal. With its biconical shape – but better known as ‘Stortignaccolo’ (lopsided) – the Antico Toscano is still made according to the original recipe from the time of Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1818).

A 100% Made in Italy supply chain

This cigar’s production chain is the only tobacco production chain that is entirely Italian, involving 250 tobacco farmers and approximately 1,800 employees. The company works closely with farmers to improve agricultural production and adopt best practices.

There are 27 types of Toscano, two of which are handmade, differing in aroma and intensity. Today, Toscano is a brand of Manifatture Sigaro Toscano, a historic company led by CEO Stefano Mariotti. It has two production plants in the provinces of Lucca and Cava de Tirreni (SA).

Congratulations to those who, respecting tradition, bring Made in Italy to the world!

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